Clio Cloud Conference Agenda

Clio Cloud Conference Agenda

The Clio Cloud Conference is the legal industry's #1 conference, hosted yearly by Clio. It is a hybrid event that brings together legal professionals from all over the country and globe for two days. The conference website is where attendees go to see the agenda. Each year the Clio Creative team creates a new brand for the event which needs to be applied to the website.

In previous years Clio had received feedback that the agenda was difficult to use on mobile while on the floor at the conference, it was basic and it didn't allow users to filter by the sessions they were interested in. We took all this feedback into consideration and I lead the redesign of it.

Final desktop design

The final design added the ability to toggle between sessions on each day of the conference. It added a drop-down filter which allowed users to filter by virtual or in-person, and also by each track. We included the ability to click on each session to expand more information in a modal.

Below is a recording of the live desktop webpage.

Final mobile design

I put a lot of thought into the mobile design so when attendees were on the ground at the conference, they could easily access it. The Monday/Tuesday toggle became a sticky footer so users could easily toggle between the two days. Users could apply filters, scroll through sessions and click on them to find out more information.


Before reaching the final designs above, my process involved watching recordings of how people had used the previous years' agenda, researching best practices and looking at other web-based conference agendas for inspiration. I did a lot of exploration on the filters especially, as this was new functionality and very important to the usability.


In the month following the agenda release we saw:

  • A 28.6% increase in users clicking the "Register Now" CTA after viewing the agenda, compared to the previous year.
  • A large spike in registrations, compared to previous months - 250 in just the first week.
  • A reduction in time spent on the page before registering in comparison to the previous year, indicating that users were getting the information they needed quicker.

During the conference:

  • We watched recordings of how users were using both the mobile and desktop sites. We found users were navigating much more efficiently and we saw less frustration in comparison to previous years.
  • We received great feedback from attendees on how easy the agenda was to use during the conference on mobile.
  • We received less agenda specific questions from attendees indicating they were getting the information they needed via the agenda.